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Sample Requirements

Accepted types of specimen

  • EDTA blood:
    • Amount: minimum volume is 1 ml (5 ml is sufficient for most purposes)
    • Collection date is required
  • Purified DNA:
    • Amount: minimum 5-10 μg (Exception: carrier testing 1-2 μg DNA)
    • Concentration and buffer should be stated (we prefer Tris 10mM, pH 8.0, EDTA 1 mM)
    • We appreciate information about the extraction method (e. g. Qiagen)
    • DNA pellets are also accepted
  • Buccal swabs:
    • On request!
    • Amount: minimum 2 swabs
    • Specimen collection: scrape swab firmly against inside of each cheek at least 30 second; air-dry swab after collection according to manufacturer's specifications; ensure that person providing sample has not consumed any food or drink in 30 min prior to sample collection
  • Dried blood spots:
    • On request!
    • Amount: minimum 2 completely filled spots
    • Once acquired, the blood spot must dry for 3 to 4 hours in a horizontal position and at room temperature

Labeling of specimen

Each specimen must be labeled with at least 2 unique identifiers specific to the patient:

  • Patient's full name AND
  • Patient's date of birth OR
  • Patient's identification number

Accompanying information

If not visible on the sample, please note on the accompanying paperwork the blood collection date.
For DNA specimen we appreciate information about the source (which tissue or specimen type), extraction method and buffer. The DNA concentration is required.

For detailed informations you can use our forms.


Please label infectious samples.

Quality requirements

Specimens are rejected under the following conditions:

  • Mislabeled specimens
  • Inappropriate anticoagulant or buffer
  • Samples without accompanying paperwork
  • Damaged or broken vials

Before specimens are destroyed you will be informed.

Update: Aug. 14, 2020
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