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Unbroken commitment to research

When we started our lab about 20 years ago our primary goal was to promote science. Our first publication, a poster presentation in Chemnitz, Germany, earned us a poster prize in 1996, which we now consider our birth certificate.

Our commitment to medical research was almost unrestrained even through the period of 7 years that caused us so our much hardship when our local government almost forbade scientific activities by refusing to transfer the money that we earned for our routinely provided medical service.

Now that we suffered through such hard times we feel sympathy for all researchers worldwide who face similar problems and struggle to accomplish proper research despite so many impediments. However, our resources are also limited of course.

Fields of research

Correlation of clinical data

We permanently correlate clinical data with molecular findings. This provides useful information allowing to specify test indication, improve interpretation of molecular results, and recommend therapy tailored to abnormalities in individual patients.

Epidemiological research

We participate in epidemiological genetic studies. Often we encounter new genetic variations, in which knowledge of molecular physiology is not sufficient to evaluate clinical importance. These variations require additional epidemiological information, which we immediately introduce into our service.

Some of these studies are published other immediately influence the interpretation of our results.

New genes

We are open for research that points to new genes or new clinical entities associated with known genes. Not all of these activities yield published results but they are incorporated into clinical interpretations and diagnostic recommendations.

Methodological improvements

Quality control is a separate subject of research. Some of this research is part of the quality management program other yield new or improved techniques.

Evolutionary theory

Our institution sponsors the development and publication of the fauceir evolution theory. (Please refer to

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