Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics
Center for Nephrology and Metabolic Disorders

Shipment instructions

Shipping conditions

EDTA blood

If possible, please send specimens at the day of collection. Specimens are best held at 4°C before shipment. Avoid freezing. Shipping specimen at room temperature is appropriate.


Stability depends on the extraction method. Usually DNA specimens are stable at room temperature and the shipment is not critical. Shipping specimen at room temperature is appropriate.

Shipping companies

The specimen can be shipped by an international carriers such as Federal Express (, UPS (, and DHL (
Follow your guidelines for international shipping of lab specimens.


Packing has to follow the regulations for biological substances, category B specimen. (Categories according to International Civil Aviation Organization and International Air Transport Association).

This includes the following recommendations:

  • Leak proof primary container for the specimen absorbent material
  • Watertight secondary container with list of contents on the outside
  • Outer container or plastic bag with proper labeling

Shipping address

Dr. Mato, Nagel, MD
Albert-Schweitzer-Ring 32
D-02943 Weisswasser

Acknowledgment of receipt

You will receive an e-mail or fax confirming the sample arrival. Please provide the contact details (e-mail, fax) to whom the acknowledgment should be sent.