Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics
Center for Nephrology and Metabolic Disorders

Sample Requirements

We accept the following types of specimen

  • EDTA blood, minimum volume is 1 ml (5 ml is sufficient for most purposes)
  • Purified DNA
    • Amount: 150ng are required for each sequenced unit (the number of units and the calculated amount of DNA is provided on our price offer.)
    • Buffer: we prefer Tris 10mM, pH 8.0, EDTA 1 mM
    • DNA pellets
    • DNA extraction kit: we appreciate information about the extraction method (e.g. Qiagen).

Annotating the specimen

It is required that each specimen is separately labeld and that the label corresponds to the identification in the accompanying paperwork.


Specimens can be labeled by at least one of the following methods

  • Patient's name
  • Patient's date of birth
  • Patient's identification number

Accompanying information

If not visible on the sample, please note on the accompanying paperwork collection date and time and sample's origin. Alsoif extracted DNA we appreciate information about the extraction method, buffer, and DNA concentration.


Please label infectious samples.

Quality requirements

Specimens are rejected under the following conditions

  • mislabeled specimens
  • inappropriate anticoagulant or buffer
  • samples without accompanying paperwork
  • damaged or broken vials

Before specimens are destroyed you will be informed.