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X-chromosomale syndromale mentale Retardierung Lubs-Typ

Die X-chromosomale syndromale mentale Retardierung vom Typ Lubs ist eine allelische Variante der durch Mutationen im MECP2-Gen ausgelösten mentalen Retardierung.


X-chromosomale syndromale mentale Retardierung 13
X-chromosomale syndromale mentale Retardierung Lubs-Typ



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external link

Meins M et al. (2005) Submicroscopic duplication in Xq28 causes increased expression of the MECP2 gene in a boy with severe mental retardation and features of Rett syndrome.

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Van Esch H et al. (2005) Duplication of the MECP2 region is a frequent cause of severe mental retardation and progressive neurological symptoms in males.

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external link

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external link

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external link

Lubs H et al. (1999) XLMR syndrome characterized by multiple respiratory infections, hypertelorism, severe CNS deterioration and early death localizes to distal Xq28.

external link

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external link

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external link

Ramocki MB et al. (2009) Autism and other neuropsychiatric symptoms are prevalent in individuals with MeCP2 duplication syndrome.

external link

Ramocki MB et al. (2010) The MECP2 duplication syndrome.

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Samaco RC et al. (2012) Crh and Oprm1 mediate anxiety-related behavior and social approach in a mouse model of MECP2 duplication syndrome.

external link

Sztainberg Y et al. (2015) Reversal of phenotypes in MECP2 duplication mice using genetic rescue or antisense oligonucleotides.

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